Davlyn Group

Davlyn Group is a leading US-based manufacturer of engineered materials including heat and cut resistant textiles and composites, gaskets, and seals that help keep heat in its place, improve safety, and increase productivity.

By producing durable designs through vertically integrated in-house operations and offering fast turnarounds and collaboration, we ensure safe and sustainable systems for our customers.

The Davlyn Business System is what drives our company and is comprised of three elements: people, operational excellence, and growth & innovation.

Our Businesses


Amatex is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of industrial, high-temperature textile products. With roots going back to 1909, Amatex produces both broad woven and narrow technical textiles utilizing modified textile equipment designed to handle hard-to-process fibers. It was the first US company to use DREF friction spinning to produce industrial yarns with a fiberglass core and high-temperature fiber wraps.


Darco Southern

Darco Southern was founded in 1976 and has a long history of innovation that position it as a thermal solutions leader in a number of commercial and industrial markets. Darco Southern joined the Davlyn Group in 2005, adding a 35,000 sq. ft. facility in Independence, VA, and strengthening the group’s custom design and fabrication capabilities. Its facility specializes in knitting, braiding, cutting, sewing, weaving, specialty coatings, and custom fabrication and kitting.


Davlyn Manufacturing

With a history of innovation supported by numerous technology patents, Davlyn Manufacturing has become a thermal solutions leader across numerous markets since its founding in 1980. Today, Davlyn owns and operates a recently expanded 125,000 sq. ft. facility in Spring City, PA, with high-volume knitting, braiding, and specialty coating capabilities.



Norfab is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of textile yarns and fabrics for personal protective garments and gloves, insulation, friction resistance, and composite applications. Norfab operates the largest collection of DREF III yarn spinning equipment of any independent spinner in the world at its Norristown, Pennsylvania, location.


Why Davlyn Group


Engineered designs for standard and custom applications

Davlyn Group industrial, heat, and cut resistant textiles deliver consistent quality and performance as the durable, resilient choice for today’s manufacturers. Beyond our standard product lines, Davlyn Group engineers combine their skills with a fabrication capacity of more than 370,000 square feet of knitting, braiding, weaving, and in-house design capabilities to serve unique applications and meet demanding requirements.


Vertically integrated operations and capabilities that produce elevated concepts

Through vertically integrated operations and lean manufacturing, Davlyn Group proudly produces reliable outcomes for our thousands of customers in over 50 countries. Our strong commitment to product quality and innovation as an experienced designer and world-class manufacturer has helped us create time-tested technology and methods that earn us repeated recognition from global, industry-leading brands.


Added value in turnaround times, cost, and support from a collaborative partner

Davlyn Group is known for consistent excellence in value engineering and performance as a partner who understands your situation and has the ability to meet all timeline, cost, and customer support needs. From prototyping to testing, you can work closely with product engineers who ask the right questions to consolidate designs or easily find solutions from experts who get you to the right product every time.