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Davlyn Group provides top thermal technical textiles to original equipment manufacturers of industrial furnaces, ovens, boilers, 3D printers, generators, and other high-temperature heavy-duty equipment. Our team’s expertise in a variety of heat applications throughout the OEM industry allow us to quickly recommend ideal products and develop cost-effective, custom solutions when they’re needed most.

  • Hose & Cable Heat & Flame Protection
  • Insulation & Heat Containment
  • High-Temperature Industrial Packing
  • Furnace & Incinerator Door Thermal Seals
  • Oven & Stove Door Thermal Seals
  • Enclosure Thermal Seals
  • Welding & Brazing Curtains & Shields
  • Exhaust Wraps & Sleeves
  • Custom Shields, Covers & Shrouds
  • Worker Safety

Materials & Products

From our Silco™ silicone-coated fiberglass firesleeves and Tetraglas® tapes and ropes to our custom fabricated products, Davlyn Group has a product solution for your OEM thermal challenges. Premier OEMs partner with us for standard products, kitting, stocking, and several other customized services tailored to their specific needs and applications.

Typical Materials

  • Para-Aramid 450°F / 232°C
  • Silicone: 500°F (260°C)
  • Fiberglass: 1000°F (540°C)
  • Basalt: 1382°F (750°C)
  • Silica: 2000°F (1090°C)
  • Ceramic: 2300°F (1260°C)
  • PTFE: 500°F (260°C)
  • Reflective Foil: 500°F (260°C)
  • Compressed Non-Asbestos Gasket Materials: 700°F (370°C)
  • Graphite: 1800°F (980°C)