Fabrics for Molten Metal Splash and Radiant Heat Protection

Aluminized fabrics are the most effective materials for molten metal splash and radiant heat protection. Key applications include metal casting, smelting, and glass forming. Typically, these fabrics are constructed by adhering a thin polyester film with pure aluminum on both sides to a flame resistant textile substrate with an FR adhesive system. Aluminized fabrics are often converted into safety clothing, gloves, mitts, and general industrial high temperature products.

Which factors should one consider when selecting the best aluminized fabric?

When selecting aluminized fabrics for your application, it is important to consider the following factors. Each will contribute to your selection of base fabric and weight.

  • Level of comfort
  • Durability
  • Radiant heat reflectivity
  • Molten metal splash performance
  • Ability to retain its form and properties in both wet and dry conditions
  • Cost
  • REACH, RoHS and PROP 65 compliance

How are aluminized fabrics constructed?

Norfab CHOICE® aluminized fabrics consist of five layers – base fabric, heat stable adhesive, polyester film, and two layers of aluminum. The result is a fabric designed to offer the best protection against radiant heat. Moreover, Norfab aluminized fabrics provide protection in the event of molten splash (ferrous and non-ferrous).

Options for base fabrics include blends of para-aramid, meta-aramid, OPF, and fiberglass, among others. As a manufacturer of both yarns and fabrics, Norfab can work with its customers to select the best aluminized fabric for each specific application.

For over 40 years, Norfab has been a trusted supplier of aluminized PPE fabrics to many critical industries such as metals and glass. Contact us today for more information about our aluminized fabrics for radiant heat protection.