Thermoglass® Vermiculite Tapes

Vertex™ treated tapes, available in both premium and industrial tapes, are woven and sized using fiberglass yarns. Applications include lagging, gasketing, and thermal insulation. Vermiculite treatment provides direct flame temperature tolerance up to 2000°F (1093°C), with no holes in the fabric.

Quick Reference


  • E-Glass Fiberglass


  • Woven

Recommended Operating Temperature

  • 1500°F (815°C)

Size Range

  • 1″ (25.4mm) to 12″ (304.8mm)


  • Commercial & Industrial Oven & Furnace
  • Boiler
  • OEM


  • Oven Thermal Seals
  • Stove Thermal Seals
  • OEM Equipment Thermal Seals
  • High-Temperature Industrial Wrap

Custom Options

  • Heat Treated

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